half and full day, sunset cruises, fishing trips and customised charters

Half Day Charters

Choose between morning or afternoon. Cruise along the coast, swim and snorkel in the beautiful bays of the national park. Enjoy lunch onboard. A half day charter is classed as 4 hours.

Full Day Charter

Lose yourself at sea for a day of relaxation and serenity. With various destinations available, the charter types itinerary is up to you. Plenty of time for swimming, snorkelling, dining, sunbathing.

Or for the more active, time to expand your knowledge of sailing and boats. You’ll want to stay out there forever! A full day charter is classed as 6 hours, but this can be extended by the hour.

Sunset Cruise

An exquisite sunset over the horizon. Intense colours reflecting on the calm shimmering waters. A glass of champagne in hand. And not another sole to be seen. Complete unadulterated serenity. A sunset trip is normally classed as 3 hours, and gives plenty of time to cruise and enjoy a swim before the sun goes down.

Fishing Trip

This trip can be done any time of day, but we recommend early mornings, as this is the best time for fishing. The sea at this time is usually very calm. Fishing equipment is supplied. A fishing trip is normally three hours, but can be extended if required.

Customised Charter

You suggest the destination and duration and we can do the rest. We have all kinds of charter types. The possibilities are endless, and we are very flexible with what we can provide. Perhaps you want to combine the view and a sport, by going fishing at sunset? Maybe it’s a birthday party or corporate event? Or, would you like to have two jetski’s available for you and your friends?

Or banana rides for the kids. Contact us to discuss and we can completely personalize your trip.